menahan street band...others digging this?

they f*ing kick arse. I am grooving to it, not recorded in the best fidelity, but music is so good I'm not complaining.

I am digging the general funk/afrobeat renaissance pushed by daptone and ubiquity. i get excited for each nomo album, and dapkings, sugarman, mighty imperials, daktaris, etc are all good listens.

are there others in similar vein I should be checking out of whom I know not? talking current specifically, I've got a pretty good back catalog of Kuti, darondo, and the like. but talk about bad fidelity lps, yikes. most almost as bad as the jamacian marley pressings.
Yeah I've been diggin this for the last couple of years myself.

You can also try Budos Band, Chicago Afrobeat Orchestra, Antibalas and a local (SF Bay Area) favorite of mine Albino.
As R burke recommended, by all means check out the Budos Band. If I'm not mistaken, the MSB consist of members from the Budos Band.