Meridian 508.20 Drawer Noise

I purchased a used 508.20 from a Audiogon seller and now the drawer squeaks when it opens. It closes with no noise and there are no rough spots during the travel either way. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem with their Meridian players. If you did, is it a sign of worse things to come? Did you bring it back to a Meridian dealer or send it to Meridian in Atlanta? Is there anyway to remedy this annoyance by yourself? Thanks.
I had this problem on my Sonic Frontiers Transport and the when I called their support he told me the steps to put some special lube on a single pulley (saying that the petroluem based lubricant had just dried out...) it took like 5 minutes to do but took 5 places to find the lube (Fry's had it for $9.00)

Good luck, otherwise Merdian service out of Atlanta is really excellent my friend had his 508.20 upgraded to a 508.24 there.. he also had a drawer problem but his didn't open. Both were taken care of professionally by Meridian and he has had the player over 3+ years and enjoys the how natural it is...

I have a Meridian 506 which has developed the same problem after six years. I plan on sending it to Meridian for repair after the holidays.

Someone else who auctioned a Meridian 508 on Audiogon had the same problem. He sent it back to Meridian before putting it up for auction and, in response to my e-mail, said it cost him less than $100, including postage, to have it repaired.

If you decide to repair it yourself, let me know how it goes.

Good luck.