Meridian G68 and MiniDSP

I am currently running speakers in which I use a MiniDSP for crossovers and room EQ.  I use a Marantz 7701 as a pre/pro and am not crazy about having my digital signals converted from digital to analog to then proceed through the MiniDSP where the signal is converted back to digital to apply filters then to analog again headed toward my amplifiers.  In theory, using the digital outs on the G68 would only require one digital to analog conversion in the MiniDSP.  Anyone have any idea if this would produce better sound?  I have read that Meridian components really don't shine unless they are a part of an all Meridian system.
I am wondering if the one less digital to analog conversion is better given that I am still going to be using analog amplifiers and speakers.  If the G68 needs to send a digital signal all the way to Meridian speakers, I am not going to improve any sonics.
the Meridian G68 digital outputs are proprietary and are meant to be conected to Meridian active loudspeakers.  In addition to the digital signal, they require a secondary communications link that probably does things such as control volume.

The Mini-DSP module is more of a low cost band-aid if you want to enhance a current system.  I think you're better off just replacing the Marantz 7701 with another processor that does all the EQ / Crossover / Room Correction that the Mini-DSP does.  Emotiva XMC-1 (possibly with Dirac room control)? 

Outlaw 976 has 10-band parametric EQ for each channel.

There are lot's of others, but depend on your budget and if you want automatic room correction of some sort.
I don’t think we are on the same page. The Marantz 7701 has room correction software.  The MiniDSP is being used so I can tri-amplify my main speakers.  I use filters and crossovers in the MiniDSP to accomplish this task.   I am unaware of any pre/pros that have the ability to function in this capacity. I also am unsure why there would need to be volume control outside of the Meridian G68. It contains a volume control that should adjust the digital out gains even if used in an all Meridian system. Why is the volume control on the device if it is intended to be used in a system with that control further downstream? Again, I am wondering if anyone has used a MiniDSP downstream from a digital out on a Meridian product? And what kind of success or failure they think it was?
Ah, you did not explain what you were trying to accomplish.  The Meridian G68 is a HT processor just like the Marantz 7701.  However, the G68 also has digital outputs with communication outputs.  Generally, digital outputs are full volume signals of the waveforms, so I am assuming that Meridian uses the comunications connections to have the Meridian active speaker control the volume by adjusting the amplifier gain.  This is all prioprietary from Meridian.

If you are tri-ampliying your speakers and want to improve over your Mini-DSP, I would look at high end active "pure analog" crossovers.  Here are a few:

Marchand Electronics (several models and configurations, include a tube crossover)

Ashly XR1001

Rane AC23S
Thank you for the information.  I now understand this was not going to work as I had hoped 
The meridian forum, hitchikers has many informed owners and installers that I bring all my M questions to.