Merlin's BAM with ERS and puck tweak

For those of you who have Merlin VSM-Ms and are using the ERS RF suppression cloth and puck tweak:

Where did you find the best placement of the ERS sheets to be on / in the BAM? For the puck? Looking for some guidance.

Funnily enough, I did this yesterday! I called Bobby and he suggested the following: put the puck at the front-centre of the BAM and one piece of ERS directly behind it. Put the other pieces of ERS on the CD player/DAC above the chipset, if can locate it. He says the ERS is best used shielding chips but I know some people (and read reviews) that have used ERS all over the place. In fact, according to one report, the only place that did *not* work for ERS was inside a trip-switch elctrical box! Hope this helps.

I actually placed the 2 small ERS clothes on my CD player and the puck on the BBAM.
I got three pieces in total: I put one on the BAM and the other two on my Cary 306/200, sort of in the middle. Not sure where the DAC is as I haven't opened the case but I guess it's in the middle somewhere.
And did you guys hear a noticeable change? Good change, or just different? What changed?
The higher the resolution the system, the bigger the improvement will be. Because you are removing EMI/RFI and BAM cabinet resonace, the sound will become smoother, clearer, more uniform, have a blacker background while being more relaxed and believable. Some find the improvement slight and some find it extremely obvious. But for just over $40, you can't lose.
The changes are going to be really subtle. For me, it seems like the noise floor has dropped a bit and the instruments and clearer and better separated. I'm also hearing a slightly deeper soundstage. I couldn't tell you if this is the ERS - it could just be my mood or recent temperature changes! A cheap tweak and well worth giving it a go.