Mickey Newbury/Gretchen Peters

Greetings all.

I have been playing a recent recording of Mickey Newbury songs, lovingly and beautifully done by Gretchen Peters.  She is not an artist I was familiar with, but Mickey is a songwriter I was, so I decided to get the recording.  Its just superb, in so very many ways.  I came to know of Mickey while I lived in Nashville in the early 80s, a friend was a staff songwriter at Acuff-Rose and I often attended the late night recording sessions of songs he wrote so they could be "pitched" to artists in the hope they would be picked up and recorded.  The place, at that time, was one in which Mickey was at the top.  It was only a long time after that I came to listen and appreciate the genius that he is/was.  And Gretchen gives him the love and respect he and his songs deserve.

If you have it, or decide to give it a listen based on this recommendation let me know your thoughts.
I have it and all of Gretchen's CD's. You owe it to yourself to explore the rest of her catalog. There are others in that same vein: Patty Griffin, Matraca Berg, probably the best songwriter ever Lori McKenna, as well as much lesser knowns such as The Black Feathers, Birdtalker, and The Sweeplings (in the vein of The Civil Wars). I have a wide range of tastes but manly singer/songwriter and progressive rock. You can see my entire CD collection on my website here:  http://www.dddphotography.com/Music/index.htm