Micro Seiki Parts-Headshells in particular

Hello everyone, I am an avid Micro Seiki collector and I just want to ask, why hasn't anyone brought forth a headshell that will fit the Micro Seiki turntables? I mean, how difficult would it be to manufacture two types of plastic headshells specifically to fit the Micro Seiki MA-707 and CF-1 and CF-3 arms as well as one for the MB line that doesn't have the extruding four prongs? Since I have been collecting I've come across this dilemma over and over where I find a great deal on a Micro turntable or arm but then there's no headshell, what am I supposed to do with that? Recently I ran an ad for a DQ-41 same deal. Everyone was checking it out but I lost the headshell and nobody wanted to buy this awesome turntable because of it. Who wants a turntable that just sits and can't be enjoyed?

I've come across some decent size lots of Micro parts inventories. Being that I'm a little obsessed, I tend to buy first and ask questions later. In this case it has bitten me more than once because I have so many parts and most of them I will never use. For the most part they are all in marked Micro Seiki packages like a repairmen would receive if he were ordering from the factory. I have tone arms, tonearm parts galore, arm rests, speed cams, internal circuit boards and all sorts of other parts for several popular tables and arms from Micro Seiki and donor parts tables too.

I'm wondering another thing, why haven't we as members formed a group of Micro collectors who can share parts, ideas and experiences? Audiogon is usually my first resource when I'm looking for an answer that pertains to a vintage turntable because someone is always selling one. If anyone out there wants to contact me in regards to this subject I am all ears...eyes. Thanks guys, I hope to hear from anyone with a comment good or bad or indifferent as well as anyone in need ot a Micro Seiki part no matter how obscure.

Micro Seiki BL-91
Kenwood KP-07 made by Micro Seiki

MA-707 I, II and III
CF-1 with carbon fiber arm tube

Pre and amplifiers-
Tandberg 3002-A and 3006-A, Markhill MC-300B, Luxman L-480 Integrated amplifier, Vincent Hybrid tube integrated and Moon phono pre-amplifier.

IC's-Signal Cable Analog II, Tek-Line Pure Silver with WBT locking RCA's

Carts-Blue Point Special, Signet 7LCA MM, Vintage NOS Ortofon MC-30, Vintage NOS JVC MC-1

Mini-Onkin full range horns with Merrill drivers, no crossovers and no tweeters.
Fritz Speakers-Carbon 7
Fritz Hemps
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Loanofficer, To begin with there is a Micro site in Germany
dealing with all of your questions: www.my-micro.de ( with
English version). I myself am only familiar with the 505 tonearm and was not impressed with the headshell. The only shortcoming of this tonearm in my opinion. But this tonearm
is also excelent (for the rest) according to me and , I am sure, Halcro. You can choose among so many headshells depending on your carts so I don't feel any urge to give you advice in this regard.

I am too looking for a headshell for a DQ-41!!!!!!!!

There should be an alternative but there is not. This may sound stupid but is their a way to use one of those ADC straight arm headshells (selling on Needle Doctor and Lp gear) and the try to use a mod that resembles a tonearm din

Just throwing some ideas out there.
If anyone has schematics for the headshell or in particular the dimensions of it especially the inside connector I have access to a CNC and laser cutter and would like to make a prototype.
i have a broken micro seiki max 237 arm rest , do you happen to have any spare parts?
Loanofficer, or anyone else, I am looking for an arm rest for a DQ-44. Would you happen to have one of those in your treasure chest, and if so, what would be the cost including shipping to Australia?


Just jumped into a bl-51 restore project and will need a high compliance arm for my 103r. I will be putting up my systemdek llx with profile arm up for sale or trade to raise the funds or swap. It's a mint version, but I have need for only one main table.

Just thought I'd mention that. Hope what I get is worth the restore effort
Famoej, don't you mean a high mass arm? Those Denon cartridges are low compliance so higher mass arms should be considered for best match.
hello forum members ,
Seen at Ebay the headshell for many micro seiki arms , included MA 707 and DQ 41 , 3D manufactured in the Netherlands , seems to me the final search for a lot of micro seiki turntable owners .
Loanofficer,I know this is an old thread.
Do you still have MS parts?
MA-505 tonearm rest clip?If anyone else reads this and has one, please let me know.