Micro Seiki RY-5000 with Phoenix Engineering Falcon and Roadrunner Tach incorportaed

This is my 1st post, and I was unsure which forum to post my thread into. Please feel free to move.
I wanted to share my latest addition to my audio system and how it evolved. Over the years I have used multiple TT's, Denon, Lenco, MS DX1000 etc. Upon reading about the Phoenix Engineering PSU and Tach a number of years ago (sadly it was just announced Bill is retiring) I acquired the boxes and connected to my Lenco, worked flawlessly, unfortunately it only works with AC motors, thus could not be used with my MS DX 1000 - although the Tach could be utilized. As time progressed, I have upgraded my system, a friend has an original MS RX/RY 5000 and a clone HS-80 Flywheel - hand made in California. The cost for an original 5000 was prohibitive to me, however I became aware that the individual that manufactured the HS-80 had also made a clone of the 5000 with his own controller. I purchased this 2 years ago along with the flywheel and it has been the best investment in my in my system. Back in April I mentioned that I love the PE Falcon and Tach and it would be great to somehow incorporate the original design of the MS RY-5000 and the Phoenix Engineering products. Well after 7 months of development and testing, I received the unit recently, to many it may be sacrilege to 'play around' with the design of the RY-5000, even a clone....but I have to say I am blown away with the quality and performance. What was main reason for starting this journey ....purely aesthetics and the 'wife factor' ..I quote ' too many boxes ...do you really need all of them'! Anyway, I thought readers may find this interesting. A pic is in my 'Virtual System'.