Mid-budget power and processing recommendations

I am starting to research a moderate budget 5.1 HT system. Speakers are pretty much set for now...got a nice deal on some Vandersteen 2Cs and I am planning on a VCC-1 for center channel and a Vandersteen sub. Rear channels are a pair of old Spectrum 108a's because I have them. I currently am driving the 2Cs with a Rotel RA-1060 (OK, but I'm sure the 2Cs could sound better). Stereo sound for music is more important than sound for movies/video, but I still want decent sound in 5.1. I am looking for reasonably up-to-date HDMI capability, but don't need it for audio. Music source is primarily a Squeezebox network music player running all FLAC compression (has digital out capability that I am not using yet, got tired of fussing with CDs).

I am mostly looking for recommendations for amplification and processing at around $2k to $2500 total without cables. Used equipment is preferred, and I prefer to stay solid state. I have been considering Rotel, NAD, Arcam, some Aragon. Receiver or separates? Thanks for the help!