Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - current pressing

Hello all,
How good is the current Mile Davis' "Kind of Blue" by Classic Records (SKULCLA8163Q)?

I have a Columbia pressing of it already which sounds great to me, except it now has a 1/4" scratch across Flamenco Sketches due to my multitasking (ringing telephone, damn).

The product description touts 200g, Classic Quiex SV - Super Vinyl, proper speed, etc. etc., but I'm wondering at the end of the day, how good this pressing is.

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I´d be happy to hear comments as I´m into buying a definite edition of this record as well (shame on me, but I do not have any earlier releases). As to the quietness, as much as I understand it depends also on the quality of the original analogue tapes and if one tries to get it more quiet, a lot of the details would be suppressed as well, so just being quite is not necessarily a good thing.
No good, not even close. Dull, no dynamics / punch, no focus, can't place instruments on the stage, piano sounds muffled.
i purchased the quiex 200g vinyl from acoustic sounds. it's the only copy i have so i can't compare it to anything else, but i don't find it to be dull and dynamically challenged. the only issue that's stuck out so far to me is the lack of depth to the bass lines in tracks. perhaps i'll try to pick up a different copy and compare the two.
Do you think I have a dud?

I'll take the old one hands down, even with some pops and cracks.
You just have to wear the original tape noise. It was a masterful recording, the ambience of the studio & microphone placement create such an exquisite atmosphere & soundstage that to try & "clean it up" would be like trying to clean up the patina off Da vinci masterpiece. Leave it alone! Todays producers can't touch it for presence & musicality