Mini cd system for $500?

I know this question has been asked before. I have two
BIG stereo systems in my home.

I am looking for a one piece system.......yes like
the BOSE thing, or a cd receiver and maybe get two speakers for $500. I want to use it in my kitchen and be able to easily take it to my back porch.

Any suggestions on what is good and out there now.
I would also like inputs to hook up a television
on my back porch for enhanced sound.....I am all ears.
I can be swayed a hundred bucks or so. THANKS!!!!
Thank you for the responses! Can you purchase any of these online or by phone? Neither are avilable locally.
Start with a refurb cd/sacd player Sony 595, about $60 from Sonystyle, when in stock. Best value, great sound.
As for your speakers, you might want to pick up a pair of Audioengine 5 Powered Speakers for $350 new. Add a source and you're good to go.
onkyo makes a mini system (I THINK CS525) for around 200 bucks which actually sounds very good and might serve your needs, such as they are.
Denon system got good reviews from Hifi magazines -

If you want something really portable, the best sounding boombox is JVC Kaboom - you can get them on ebay - some are more powerful than others - check them out and get the most powerful one for better sound.