Mismatch voltage

I have a JBL Studio L8400p (120 V AC, 60 Hz, for the US) subwoofer in my stereo system. I would like to add another JBL L8400p sub to the system, but the only ones I can get are the ones that are for the EU (220 V AC, 60 hz for the EU), everything else is the same specs.

it would require a converter (which I have) to hook the 220V to my system. The question is: do anybody knows, or have experience with this set up? will the 220v sub act differently sound wise? or it doesn't matter, as long as it is hook-up to the converter to bring it to 120V?
Most devices with switching power supplies are auto-sensing.  The back plate will say something like 100 ~ 220 V 50/60Hz

You do need a plug adapter, and a fuse swap. You do not need a step up/step down transformer.

So, double check!
I've been looking at the online schematics though, seems like you may be out of luck. 

Make sure the VA rating of your up/down converter exceeds that of the devices plugged in.
Thanks for the info, but according to the seller a step up/step-down is required to connect the 220v one. JBL does not say that this is a switching power supply. They specify 120V for the USA market, and 220V for Europe.
@erik_squires: thanks, I will check the VA rating for the converter that I have. This is why I asked, I knew that it wasn't as simple as to plug the unit into the converter.