Missing and/or greatly recessed sound

I have an issue with my turntable setup that I'm trying to solve.  Have thought the overall sound was "missing" something but could never put my finger on it to the other night.  In listening to Neil Young's Remastered LP Decade - Southern Man, the lead guitar is so recessed (you have to really listen for it), if you weren't familiar with the song, you would think it wasn't part of the song.  The vocals, cymbals, piano, bass, drums, kick drum are all clear and present, both channels working (both through headphones and loudspeakers) but the lead guitar basically gone.

On another cut, Cowgirl in the Sand, the lead guitar cut is clear and prominent, but the rhythm guitar is greatly recessed and hard to hear.  Again, vocals, bass, drums, kick drum are all there, just extremely hard to hear the rhythm guitar.

Equipment is:
Thorens TD-150
Sumiko head shell & arm
Denon 103R
Sutherland Insight Phono Preamp
Emotiva XMC-1
Emotiva Amps
Goldenear Triton's 2

Have checked Insight settings, cabling, head shell connections, etc., but looking at suggestions on what to look for to solve.

Thanks in advance!
It sounds like your system is out of phase. Try reversing the positive and negative on one speaker and see if that helps!
How do other albums sound? Maybe it's a botched remaster. It could also be the album is remastered in reverse polarity.

I've checked all connections from the Processors down to ensure wiring was correct but yogiboy got me to wonder about the cartridge/turntable wiring.  Turns out the wiring combination at the cartridge is Green/White (L) and Blue/Red (R) in lieu of Blue/White & Green/Red.

Will attempt to swap out the wiring tomorrow to see if that corrects my issue.

Problem Solved: Blue and Green wires at cartridge were switched.  Just listened the tracks above and all instruments were clear and present as it should be.  Thanks yogiboy and geofkait for the out of phase suggestion. Had already looked at other connections but hadn't considered the cartridge wiring being switched.