MIT cables with adjustable impedance


I was thinking of trying some MIT cables, specifically the Shotgun S3 with the adjustable impedance system. I was wanting to use on my phono stage. What is making me consider this is the old Audience AU24 SE’s that were available in either high or low Z. 

* Low Z – for moving coil cartridges with internal resistance up to 30 ohms.

• High Z – for moving coil cartridges with internal resistance between 30 and 100 ohms. 

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. 



 I’m presently using a Balanced MIT Matrix cable with adjustable impedance from my phono amp to my preamp. Set the impedance to match the preamps impedance. Sounds very good in my system.

I also have the Audience cables that you mentioned on one of my TT’s. Very good sounding phono cable.

Joe Nies

I have a pair of the MIT Oracle V.3 IC's between my preamp and amp with the selectable impedance and can attest that matching the impedance makes a substantial difference. Select a different setting and the sound is disjointed and cloudy but mind you, still very good. An excellent feature.