Mixing tube brands

I want to mix Two Gold Lion two KT-88 tubes and two Psvane KT-88 tubes to blend the sound. Is this a problem?



 I beg to differ!

With power tubes, you can swap different brands of the same tube. (For example, 6L6 tubes from different manufacturers.) But do not swap different types of power tubes unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing — damage may result.

If you do try that make sure that you re-bias your tubes so that they at least match in that respect. If you can't do that don't try. Even then I wouldn't do it.

Personally speaking I generally select matched power tubes of my choice based on SQ (not so much power ratings) and make more subtle changes to their tone by selection of small tubes.

Your power output tubes (and small signal pre-amp and power amp input & driver stage tubes) had better match in electrical characteristics (gain, mu, etc.). If they don't, your electronics will create more distortion than if they do. Read up on how a tube circuit operates.

depends on your amp and how bias is controlled.  My amp has great bias control and I should be able to adjust the amp to use them in symmetrical pairs so long as they aren't far apart, and IIRC, I've used both of those tubes and they were similar.

I am a bit OCD and always try to have the same brand tube in the power bank, then in the pre amp the same brand across the bank/type.   

The only real concern is IF the manufacturer calls for matched pairs being used.

Brand mixing? Maybe if it is an American N.O.S. mixed with a Russian-likely power struggle resulting in blown expensive, aftermarket fuse.

Russians & Chinese are in cahoots so no problem.

"blend the sound" What the heck is that? 

My amp easy to bias with the controls right on the top. All the tubes are KT88's. If I am to try it. Should I do one side as in tube number #2 and #4 with the Gold Lions and #1 and #3 with the Psvane tubes? My amp has the 4 small tubes in the center and two power tubes on each side.

Kevin may not like it that my amp is Chinese and very similar to the Prima Luna. Although I did buy the 12AU7 tubes from him. 

it is a dog-eat-dog world in the china manufacturing scene... not for the faint of heart

even among chi-fi brands... denafrips makes a bit of name for themselves, then a related factory nearby undercuts them with the musician brand... different faceplates, cheapened parts, lower price...

kevin has the primaluna’s manufactured in china, then cut rate knock offs of those at 60% of primaluna models appear not long after, direct sales from china...

the Chinese call their Prima Luna gear knock off's Prima Donna's. Haha not making this up>