ML No.333 or Krell KSA-300? Is it worth it?

I am looking ito buying the either the ML No.333 or the Krell KSA-300. I have not heard neither one of them. Is it true that the ML amps sound as dark as sme of the audiophiles have said? I currently own the Krell KAV-250 amp, ML 38S preamp, Resolution Audio cd55 cd player, and the speaker is B&W Nautilus 803. I am going to upgrade to B&W 802 some time in the future. Any professional help will be appreciated. Thanks.
i feel that the newer levinson amps sound less appealing than the older amps. i have a 200s running my sub now. the 300s is the same with a little more juice and more forward. i have had both 250, 200s , and a 300s. if i was going to run two channel, i strongly recomend you trying tubes. a 70 watt tube amp will sound larger tan a 500 watt ss. i compared a 70 watt mcintosh 275 to the 200s. the 200s will blast the windows out, but the mcintosh sounded much larger, and more real. try for yourself and you will see. thanks for hearing me babble and good luck.
In the past, I have owned a tube amp from Audio Research VT 100 Mark 1. The sound was very good, but I am not interested in tube amps at this point.
I owned Mark Levinson 333 amp with B&W N.802. The sound is fantastic. It is very natural and has a deep bass, warm sound, but not dark and it has beautiful midrange weight.
if you want the best solid state performance in this price range, you should really consider checking out a plinius SA-250. this amp will better both the Krell and levinson in all areas. I recently purchase a mint SA-250 from a gentleman and he was the one who told me how much better it was. After my extensive listening sessions, I would agree whole heartedly. You will be happy too :)