Modding Citation Amps

Okay, perhaps this is simply a 'Thick as a Brick' sort of question (Yes, I'm a Tull fan), but I have a couple of Citation 7.1s and a Citation 5.1 and I've been wondering a couple things. As an ex-Adcom owner (and planning to get one again soon) I'm aware that people mod Adcom amps all of the time. So that got me thinking, does anyone mod the Citation amps like the 5.1 and 7.1? Are they 'moddable'?

This is not something that I know alot about as you can tell. I've never opened up any of my amps yet. Although I've built many PCs and done a fair amount of soldering, this seems like a different kettle of fish and I'm reluctant to damage something that is both expensive and difficult to find to replace. In any event, if this is feasible I'd expect to have someone else do the work on the Citations and I might try doing my own mod on a cheaper Adcom once I learn more.
I know of an excellent tech who does restoration work on Citations and SAE. Send me a PM and I will give you his contact information.
Thank you both for the replies. Gbart, I've e-mailed you; Mingles, I'll take a looksie at that webpage.

In the meantime, has anyone here ever done anything like this? Failing that, how 'bout modding other amps? Is it worth it?