Modern Integrateds with Tape In/Out?

This post is an addendum to another inquiry of mine (here). The feedback was really helpful!.

I have a pair of EV Interface D speakers. These (as others in this line) make use of an EQ that runs through the preamp's tape input/output. Many modern preamps and integrated amps no longer use tape loops (not sure if this is the right term). The NAD C356BEE does, as do some Regas. 

Are there others worth considering? 

If it doesn’t have the feature you need, look elsewhere. There is no reason to buy equipment that prevents you from connecting what you feel is necessary in your listening environment. One tape loop is sufficient if you have two or more on your equalizer. A dbx program route selector is a convenient and affordable device to connect all of your tape decks, equalizer, noise reduction units etc... you might have to shop around to find one in nice condition, or like me, buy one that needs some TLC and restore it. 
Enter your text ...Many of the current Luxman Integrated's have in/out tape loops. Also my last two preamps had this feature the CJ ET3 SE and my current Luxman CL38U SE.
Thanks. I see that Unico Research hybrid amps have an in/out tape loop as well. I'll start there, most likely.
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Hands down Peachtree Nova 300 is the most versatile and powerful integrated amp out there. Best bang for the buck with a killer DAC built in too
@isagoge- I believe some integrateds are still equipped with Pre Out and Main In connections, to facilitate component insertions, multiple amps, etc, or(possibly)- a switchable, "processor" loop(like the Rogue Pharaoh: Find one with either feature and your Interface ’D’ EQ will work fine.