???Modern Speakers???Life Expectancy???

The demise of my 20 year old amplifier has me thinking about this a lot lately..I have speakers that had manufacture periods starting in late 2012(Harbeth M30.1)& 2014(Dynaudio Excite X14)..Both are low hours usage & it's  likely neither is over 300-400 hours use..At 63 years old & failing health is it likely I will outlive the speakers or that I will need replacements in say the next 10 years?Is there any preventative  maintenance that will keep them fit for duty?Thanks much all.


Good quality poly caps can last for decades...especially in a passive circuit. Inductors, resistors, and wire, even longer. Woofer surrounds can rot if they’re foam, but the butyl rubber ones last decades too.

If the tweeters have ferrofluid, that can dry up every 20-25 years or so, but can be cleaned out and refreshed.

I suppose gravity can do it’s thing to the suspension over time, so can’t hurt to rotate the woofers in the cabinet 180 degrees every 20 years or so if the speaker wire leads are long enough..

My speakers are 33YO, showing no signs of giving up.

Wish you all the best with your health.



I have speakers ( and amps etc) that were made in the 1960-70's that after some minor updates i.e. caps they sound great. so a speaker that's only 20 years old is still young IMO. 


Note sure what happened to your amp but more electronic gear can be repaired, granted parts are still available, but even then there are usually substitutions. now if its fiscally wise to repair is another issue. 

@freediver ,

You’re good to go. The speakers in my office system are almost 40 years old and the basement speakers were built in 1985 and both are still going strong.

All the best.