ModWright 150 SE? Thoughts?

Currently running 92.5 dB efficient speakers with Sim Audio Moon 330A powering them. Been wondering about upgrading my power amp and thinking about ModWright 150 SE power amp. First 10 watts are Class A and then it switches to Class A/B.

I would appreciate it if anyone who owns the ModWright KWA 150 SE can share their experiences with this amp.

Is it worth going up the chain to the ModWright KWA 150 SE from the Moon 330A? I have Moon 390 are my preamp.

Thanks in advance.
I have the ModWright KWA 150 SE. It's a great amp for the money. Actually listening to it right now as this is being composed. Never had any issues with it (Rock Solid). It has very good imaging and is somewhat polite--It has a fairly warm presentation, very easy to listen to. It's currently paired with Sonus Faber Olympica iii speakers. It is a rather large/heavy amp! What do you like or are not sure about the 330A amp?
  Interested in this thread. I have a Modwright LS 100 pre and Simaudio W5.3 SE power amp. More than pleased with the combo, but I often wonder about the possible extra synergy of the 150 SE with my pre. Damn this disease...
Hello interested audiophiles. I’m interested in selling my 150 SE. I’m the original owner and it is a great amp. I have an opportunity to purchase a more powerful amp that will drive my sonus fabers with ease. This amp would be great with higher efficient speakers. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Thank you,