ModWright KWA 150 SE as mono blocks

Who here owns ModWright KWA 150 SE as mono blocks? Do you notice any substantial improvement vs using a single amplifier in stereo? I know they’re already dual mono, so I’m not sure if it would benefit my system to get another and bridge them each as monos. 

My speakers are Alta Lelantos which don’t require all too much power to drive (91db @ 4 ohms, 50-250w recommended whereas a single KWA 150 SE is 275W @ 4 ohms), but sometime more clean power is better.
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If you are running the 150SE in singe mono into 4 ohms, it is actually 675w, I have two 150SE in mono running a pair of Martin Logan Summits... before I did this, I sent them to Dan at Modwright and had him set the bias so they were identical... or as close as physically possible.. and yes, they sound better, more depth, more stage... you are correct, more clean power the better!!!