Modwright PH 9.0X Tube Rolling Question

I recently acquired a used PH 9.0X phono preamp and
I want to upgrade the Russian 6922 tubes. Anyone have
any experience with this particular preamp? I'll be looking
for NOS tubes.  


@travisg My experience with the 9.0XT has been the initial listening was good not great until I swapped out the stock tubes. Not sure what Dan uses in his own gear but I’d bet he puts some good tubes into his personal stuff. I have Siemens and Telefunkens and the Sophia Blue and it is night and day from the stock tubes. Might want to give it a go. I am very very satisfied coming from the SPL Phonos which I thought was amazing. Happy Listening!

@travisg Sure, I replaced the 6C45 with the Russian Reflektor 6C45, more detail and clarity. I replaced my 6922 with Siemens E188CC/7308's and the result is extreme clarity, dynamics and transparency. I have the Sophia Electric Aqua 274B Rectifier Tube in  the power supply which added better instrument separation cleaner tighter low end.

From Dan on the AudioCircle Site......We provide JJ ECC88's (equivalent to 6922, 7308, 6dj8). Considering ECC88 (Euro designation), 6dj8, 7dj8, 6922 and 7308 to be equivalent and all work in the unit:
Telefunken: VERY Detailed and fast sounding!
Siemens: Also very detailed and resolving.
Amperex: Resolving and very balanced.
Brimar or Mullard: British sound, a bit more warm and relaxed.
There are many more, but these are the ones that I have experience with and that pretty much cover the tonal spectrum.

Hope this helps and I'm sure you will hear the differences in your awesome system. It is hard to believe that the move from the Parasound is a lateral one, that said maybe some NOS tubes might make a difference.

Just a follow up:

I got the T power supply back and I played 3 albums that I`m very familiar with and there's no extra tubey softening or rounding going on at all.

Very clean and detailed.

No added tube noise either which was a concern too. All good !

Not going to leave the Sovtek in there after all so I`ll be looking for a better tube.


@blisshifi ..If you decide you might sell one of those tubes I`m all ears :)

Just a pedantic note, 7DJ8 is not equivalent to all those other tubes.  7DJ8 requires a 7V filament supply.  You probably could get away with an actual 6.3V, since most tubes allow a 10% error, but no less than 6.3V for best results.