Modwright PS 9.0 or PS Audio Steller Phono Preamp?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has done a comparison between the two phono stages? My current gear is as mentioned below. The built in phono in my Sim Audio Moon 390 is quite good but just wondering if I can bring it up a notch. I played around with Sutherland Insight, although a great unit, didn't quite work with my system.

Also, as I have a solid state pre and power amp, should I stay with solid state phono stage also? Would it be a waste to have a tube phono stage with solid state pre/power amp?

Maybe I should upgrade my Hana EL first before going for a separate phono stage?

Current gear-
Sim Audio Moon 390 -Preamp/DAC/Streamer/Phono

Sim Audio Moon 330A - Power Amp

Analog - Acoustic Solid Metal 111 with Jelco 750 tonearm and Hana EL MC cartridge.

Speakers - Coincident Super Victory III

CD transport - Marantz CD6006

All cables - Audio Sensibility with dedicated 15A power line. Audioquest Edison wall outlet.
I have no info regarding the PS Audio Stellar phono stage. I have, however, owned the Modwright  SWP 9.0 SE phono stage for a number of years now, and love it. I talked to Dan Wright a couple of days ago, and he mentioned the new PH 9.0 phono stage is a nice step up from my older SWP unit, which to my ears, is an outstanding phono stage.

The PH 9.0 is $3900 though. 

The ph 9.0 is $2900, i believe.  It come with a 14 trial period, last I checked, so if you live in the hinterlands as I do, you can try it at home.  FWIW, I have the ps 150, and love it, but, of course, this doesn’t mean you will.
I know I'm late to the conversation but do you know if Modwright and Moon go well together? I have a Modwright SWL 9.0 SE preamp and I'm considering the Moon 330a amp. Thanks!
Also a bit late here, but I recently did a comparison between the Modwright PH 9.0 & PS Audio Stellar Phono in my setup. I had both units at home for two weeks during corona lockdown thanks to some great dealers here in DK.

In my setup the Modwright was the clear winner due to its better dynamics and perspective when running an Benz LP-S. Its ability to portray the music is outstanding, and I have for the first time in many years experienced that my Harbeth SHL5 can actuały deliver a deep punch down low.

The Stellar is great, but best as MM imo. When running MC the lack of dynamics was a limiting factor. I heard that some owners uses a stepup with an Cadenza Black on the Stellar’s MM input, and are satisfied, but I need both inputs.

The Modwright replaced an older ASR Basis Exclusive (blue print) in my setup, and really took the Music reproduction to another level.

Stock tubes in the Modwright is OK, but the phonostage really deserves some of the better NOS tubes out there. I am running mine with a pair of Telefunken E88CC from 69. Glorious !

@bluorion An update. I did purchase the ModWright PH9.0. In every sense, it is superior to the inbuilt phono stage in my Moon 390. My power amp is Moon 330A as well. More air and openness without sounding too tubey! I am really enjoying my Modwright phono! I am happy to report that there is good synergy between the Modwright phono stage and my Moon gear.

@nonnegativ thanks for the suggestion! My unit is fairly new with only about 20 hours on it or so! Once the break in process is complete and I am comfortable I will most definately try tube rolling!