Monitor Audio FB210 or REL Strata ?

Music and movies about 60/40 ? Which sub will be better ?
You'll need to specify the cutoff of your main speakers and the size of the room you're driving. If your main speakers are full range then make sure whatever sub you buy has a crossover setting adjustable well below the mains. Also, if your room is large, or you like to shake the pictures off the walls you might want to add the ACI titan to your list. It is apparently slightly more difficult to integrate than the strata, but has much higher output at less cost.

I own a strata3 ... it's very good, but has limited power. It's great strength is the low crossover settings which allow me to cross with full range (but limited very low bass) main speakers without any mid-bass boom. However I use mine for music only, and it never shakes my small listening room ... very musical, but not earth shaking.

Is the RELQ201 outside of your price range ... I hear that's a better bet for movies, though I have not heard it.

For a slightly cheaper sub the Rega vulcan (designed by REL) is getting great reviews in the UK, land of REL.
Thanks for reply. I've the old Monitor Silver 8i's and Freq Res is 35Hz - 25KHz + 3dB. FB210 is 40Hz - 140Hz High level and 25Hz - 140Hz + 3dB. I don't want picture shaking sub because of wife factor involved. The room is big about 20x15.
REL LOWER FREQUENCY RESPONSE AT -6dB: 18Hz. If I hookup both high and low pass as REL recommends, I should be fine I guess. Its a musical sub but at the same time less picture shaking. I think I'm leaning towards a musical sub. Price is factor too, $995 for FB210 vs $1295 for ST vs $1595 for Q.
I'll check the Rega too.
I think I'd go with the REL on that basis because the FB210 doesn't appear to give a significant frequency extension over your main speakers, and may give a nasty midbass hump because of the crossover being set too high.
If you're unable to demo the subs get the REL strata ... it's most likely to work for you. If you can demo them all then let your ears decide ... perhaps the FB210 will save some money.
I think buying the FB210 without demoing both it and the REL would be extremely risky. REL has a good reputation for a good reason.
Why not look for a nearly new REL strata for around $900 ? That's the best of both worlds.

Also, consider resale ... if this is a possibility then again this favors REL ... they usually resell within a day on Agon. The FB210 might be good, but I think it would be much harder to resell.
Thanks very much. I think I'm going with the REL. I need to buy a black finish, so can't find any as new REL, but I've dealer for REL in my area, will get a new one. Also as you have mentioned, resale value.
If you haven't heard a quality sub in your stereo I think you're in for a treat. My strata transformed my CD collection. Some of the live CDs and large orchestral pieces are so transformed I'd find it hard to go back to no sub. Have fun !
I owned a REL Strata II which I used to good effect with a pair of B&W Nautilus 805s. Then I upgraded to Audio Physic Virgo II speakers. I then found I got better results on music by disconnecting the sub, and I ended up selling it. The Strata II certainly was able to add more to the bottom end, but the quality was not on a par with what the Virgo IIs were delivering - either that, or the sub was just not integrating well (and I played with the settings a lot). I found that the sub added more, but, as the saying goes, 'sometimes more is less'. Just my two cents. Good luck.