Monitors to pair with a Sonic Frontiers Power 2

I presently an driving a pair of B&W 803's (soon to be listed here for sale) with a Sonic Frontiers Power 2. I love the system, but alas am going to have to downsize the speakers due to the dreaded redecorationmonster (music room = family room).I am in need of advice on less physiaclly imposing speakers that will pair well with the Power 2. Help is most appreciated.
Let's keep it simple even if I do not know your budget or music tastes. Two choices, albeit 100 probably exist. Penaudio or Silverline.
Thanks for the reply. My budget is in the $2000 to $3000 range and my listening choices these days lean to jazz and for lack of a better descriptor, singer-songwriter vocal music (Richard Thompson, Lyle lovett, Gillian Welch etc).
If you want to max out on resolution I'd look at Silverline 17's or Dynaudio's. If you can skip on the last bit of detail and just listen to music try one of the smaller Spendors.
Vandersteen makes a few options for you in your price range...
1. VLRs with a sub
2. VSMs with a sub
3. VSM Signatures with a sub
I own the VSMs and VSM Sigs. If you can fit them on the wall with a sub on the floor it's a great system, especially if you can get the Signatures.
Good luck!
I have been using a Sonic Frontiers to drive Pro-Ac Tablette Model 50 Signature. Sounds very nice. The current speaker is the Pro-Ac Tablette Reference 8 Signature. This could be very well worth a try.

Good luck!