Monitors to replace Dynaudio Confidence C1's

I have been on the sonic merry-go-round since trying to make peace in my home by moving from floor standers to monitors. More specifically, from Dynaudio Contour 2.8's to Confidence C1's. I have been a Dynaudio guy for a long time, so I tried a number of different equipment combos, but just can't wrap my sonic brain around the C1.....

This week I moved around the furniture a bit (ok, quite a bit) and set up the old 2.8's. Sweetness! Right there in my room with the same equipment that was hooked to the C1's. The C1's are more accurate...or tighter images anyway, but they just don't involve me in the tunes. They are just drier and less 3D.. tighter, but less rounded images on a very large, stable and quiet stage, they are great for analyzing, but not great for falling into the music.....

I need monitors to continue in my marital bliss, so, I did some due diligence and am looking at these monitors below to get back to some soul in the music with a little more warmth and better timbre, but continued great stage, extension and detail. Any insight (or other suggestions) would be very appreciated.

Lipinski 707
Totem Mani-2 Sig
Escalante Pinyon

Also-rans include: Monitor Platinum PL100, Merlin TSM MXE, but they look fast and dry-ish like the C1's.

Thanks out there and enjoy the tunes!
i've heard the new Focal Diablos are awesome, but haven't heard them. they are considerably more expensive than the C1s, of course (which i have and are veyr, very good monitors)
WOW, what a difference a day makes!

First of all, thanks! Amazing. To try to answer you all, I'll go to the time honored journey story tradition....(no real hero, apologies to Joseph Campbell)

I agree that the C1 is an amazing monitor and that voicing your system to you taste is what we all strive to do. I have wandered away from Dynaudio down long paths and always come back to them, so parting with them may very well not be the answer. Thanks especially for that reconsideration laid on me, brother! .

A different speaker is one option to consider though (see below) and I will not sell them and listen to as many as I can before I buy this time....I think I'll refine my list a bit to include the Marten's (Tony, the NYC sidewalk deal was a classic!...and I;ll be in touch), the new Joseph Audio Pulsar, and the Guarneri (thanks, Semi) and probably drop the Escalante....

Tubes are definitely part of the answer, (at least for me...and for Logenn, Petar and Bob), especially in the preamp.....and, especially the 6sn7. I have travelled down that road with pre's including CJ, Cary, and Rogue. In the end, my favorite combo was the AES AE-3 DJH Sig. with NOS '40's Syl 6sn7w's and a Valvo rectifier with a Plinius SA-201.

Tube amps that will drive these guys just generate too much for my room and home...I had the Ayon Triton in audition and it was amazing....ok, so it's not necesarily the speakers, but I have self-imposed limitations beyond the heat of a tube amp...

---I really want less boxes, so an integrated is necessary for me and one with a tube pre section could be the ticket as well. The Karan (I believe it was yours originally, Krell Man!) is fantastic.....still all SS and I may need to check out the BAT (*Petar redux) and the LSA Statement).

---I want an excellent tube (more tubes!) based CDP that has a top notch USB interface. I.E., the Ayon CD-5 (I already have the NOS 6H30DR's) or the AMR CD-77. There is an AMR CD-77 on the way for a listen, so that should be decided shortly. The CD-2 that I have will be on the selling block soon...

--I live 100 miles from nowhere and love it, but it's hard to audition high end goodies, but it's great out here....So, no I don't have a dealer to sit down and work it out with....You guys are better (and overall less biased, I would think), so I think I'll hang here to check out what might work and what might not. Hats off, what's better than a community!

So, all in all, I think your suggestions have led me to reconsider the C1's which I'll do. At the same time, I'll check out a few other good monitors (the Focals, (Keith) along with the Wilson Duettes may be out of range, though).

And, last, but not least, I have tried upper end iterations of all the cables named above and can guarantee that is not where the problem lay. Gabriel Gold Rapture left them all behind in my system and not by a small margin. I have already extolled their opinion hasn't changed, but may bear repeating......

If you haven't tried them and they are within your reach, you should absolutely try them. I would love to hear your opinion once you have compared them to your present cables. I actually have one extra RCA pair and would be happy to try to work something out for any of you to listen/AB compare. They are a must hear, IMHO.

Also, Steve is a gentleman who is both honest and honorable. You could probably work something out with him directly....I can get you in touch with him if you'd like....He usually has ads running here, but seems to have gone missing...I have done the same from time to time for all sorts of reasons, so I'll check in with him in any case.

Thanks again for all the suggestions and you kindnesses. And, keep 'em coming!

Enjoy the tunes!

Best regards.
I used to own the C1 which like others, consider them to be excellent. I owned them for about 2 years and got the audio itch to try something new. So, I got the SF Memento which sounded better than C1 in certain respects. A few months ago, I sold them and bought the Focal Diablo and I have no regret.
A word of caution. The Marten Dukes are not warm. They are very revealing, detailed and analytical with their ceramic drivers and probably sound a lot like the C1. The build quality is very good though.
Heard the Harbeth HL5s at RMAF. Might be just what you're looking for.
Very neutral, great midrange, great PRAT.