Monitors with Built In Center Channels

Center channel placement is an issue for me in one of my HT systems that is located in a built in.  Currently the cc resides above the TV.   The cc takes some space as well, limiting me to a 55 inch screen where a 65 inch would otherwise fit.  Dialog improved considerably when I added an AVR with room correction but I was reading a review of a Sony OLED with a built in cc.  As I understood it the entire monitor is a cc with the sound emanating from the screen.  Theoretically this should be possible with either planar magnetic or electrostatic type membranes but the review and what I Googled are fairly mum on this.  Does anyone have experience with such a monitor?
Any surround system: dolby 5.1 encoded content (or 7,1 ....)

There is separate dedicated content delivered ONLY to the center channel signal. No center content will exist without a center channel speaker.

Phantom center from main L & R, the world's best speakers, will not include a great deal of information, and a great deal of the dialog.

Adulterated content, messed about with by the provider or cable company perhaps, could have started as 2 channel stereo, been weirdly processed, and will often benefit from changing your AVR to 2 channel stereo mode. That's because there is no dedicated center to leave out.

My dealer told me that he has another customer who is also interested in the same issue, and since the dealer now is carrying Sony TVs, he ordered one of the models for a demo and will call me for a visit.  I will report back

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