Monster/Music Lovers. FRANKENSTEIN

I am looking for a particular piece of music.
In the movie, Frankenstein, the Karloff original, there is a short and sweet, and VERY sorrowful violin piece when the monster (most likely the beginning of solid state considering the big ugly posts on the side of his neck, not to mention his irritable mood after all the harsh high frequencies he had to endure), appears with the girl in his arms.
Frankenstein looks sad as he realizes that "something is definitely wrong" (Dr. John), and there is a violin playing in the background.
Or, the violin music might have been played when the father learns of his girls death while he sits in his home.
Probably the beginning of CDs as the townsfolk go for the torches and pitchforks.
If you happen to know the name of this beautiful violin piece (and the artists) I would appreciate the information.
We got to get that boy back to vinyl.

I don't love Monsters but the person you are looking for is Franz Waxman. The orginal movie has only music at the beginiing and end titles so I strongly suspect you may be referring to Bride of Frankenstein...
No. No. NO!!!
Solo violin.
Original, Karloff, 1930s Franenstein.
But that is close Shadorne.
No. No. NO!!!
Solo violin.
Original, Karloff, 1930s Franenstein

"Sorry master, yes yes yes Igor will find you violin player for your experiments. But Master, can you not use the body parts of this Waxman guy that Igor has dug up for you?" ;-)
As I said before, Igor-
To know love, you must .... the gallbladder!!!
Bring me the maid, Igor!

Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in 3D. Trippy!!!
What about the Mel Brooks movie? Did he use the same piece?
My brain hurts.

Any of you heard the Gruber Frankenstein composition? Pretty wacky, but good! Listen to the Amazon sample.