More help finding lossless downloads please

I posted a few months back looking for losslesss downloads available from "The National" and was given the Juno site which is a fantastic resource, many thanks!

Now I am searching again...this time for Iron & Wine, Bon Iver and Calexico. I did a few searches and cannot find any flac/wav files available for purchase. Anyone have a direction you could send me to find lossless albums from any of these artists? High resolution would be amazing but I think thats a reach...
If you can't find a place that will offer lossless downloads, then I just recommend purchasing the CD (I get mine used from and then ripping it yourself into the lossless format of your choice.

This ensures that it will fit properly into your collection of music files.

Michael has a set by Calexico live in Tucson, not sure if you picked that one up yet.
michael...appreciate the suggestion, just trying to get away from collecting any more discs. i have reached a point where i would prefer to simple buy the download. i never thought i would get here but I guess I have simply surrendered. Boy do i miss the hours spent browsing in the record stores.

bwp...i have not heard that but will check it out, thanks! really wanted to find a few more of their albums but i guess i may have to buy the discs as michael suggested. artists are offering downloads but only mp3. we really are in a strange transition with digital music availability.
Richard, I was turned on to Calexico a few years ago by a friend. I think you may enjoy this concert by them.

I am in Dayton by the way!

Forgot to mention my fav tracks 5*, 7, 13, 16, 19*, 20, 21 I do not know how they play with so much intensity for that long. Would make for a great LIVE appearance.
tom...i grabbed that show and what a great find! many thanks man! hard to find live stuff on the net with that kind of sound quality. that is much better than many live albums i have heard. that is also one of my favorite periods in calexico's music. wicked stuff.

dreadhead...i have the converter, great tool but it but it does me no good if i can't find the records in lossless. looks like i will be ordering some more cd's...