More MFSL Upcoming SACD Releases...

Los Lobos - "Good Morning, Aztla'n" #MOF-SC-2022 Release Date 09/23/2003

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra - "Prokoviev: Ivan The Terrible" #MOF-SC-4003 Release Date 10/07/2003

Patricia Barber - "Companion" #MOF-SC-2023 Release Date 10/21/2003
Looks like 3 more to add to the list, I just can NEVER get ahead on music! Any word on the Van Morison release date?? how about Blood Sweat and Tears?
I do not know the release date on the VM or BST&T. What the heck ever happened to the Leo Kottke that was put on preorder nearly a year ago, and then put on "indefinite delay"?

Another thing that I wonder is why is the Lennon release on redbook CD? The liner notes even mention that the mastering was done into DSD, and then downsampled to PCM. Huh?! Why?
John Lennon's Imagine is to be released in late August 03, as a Hybrid SACD from what I have read.

Ammie Mann is also being released on MFSL SACD, if anyone cares?
Aimee Mann's "Lost in Space" disc was released a month or so ago, I have been unable to track it down locally so I may have to order it from red trumpet or music direct. I have been told it is REALLY good both sonically and performance. It also helps that I am a fan of her work.
Aimee Mann - Lost In Space Ultradisc UHR SACD. May have to give her a listen, since I haven't really heard her since Voices Carry.
This one is a CD - the first CD from the restructured Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs.

"Lost in Space" is excellent. I bought one from CDuniverse for $21. I don't know if this offer still stands.