More money toward better speakers or a better DAC?

Speakers need quality content to play.  Great recordings sound very good on low end speakers.  Crappy recordings sound bad from great speakers.  Seems focus is well served on improving quality of incoming sound.  The Dac is a huge part of the equation.  
Are we all ‘cheaping’ out by not spending more for a better dac? 
Think Amazon HD audio through an Amazon Fire Stick into a Bryston. Certainly makes a statement w.r.t. total system price. Add in your cable box if you are so inclined, maybe your Chromecast HD for streaming, etc. etc.  Perhaps they are taking a different tact towards home theater.
Buy both put most $ into the speaker and buy a Schitt audio DAC Millercarbon is right a proper loudspeaker can last decades with DACs you should almost have a subscription service have one dropped off monthly. Most DACs also have little long term resale and become e-waste. 

I bought a Simaudio 680D streamer dac used at a great price and for now is the most expensive part of my system. I have a Anthem Str integrated amp and Focal Aria 936 floor standing speakers. With the Arc room correction software and the overall higher quality of the Dac and the Streaming component has made a huge difference.
I Am uncomfortable combining streamer and dac under one roof. Keep it pure and simple. Simaudio 680 looks very nice but pricey at $9k.

dont like chord tt2 having headphone amp. Combine tt2 with Mscaler. Don’t use headphones so tt2 may include lots of excess.