More Oldies but Goodies like Nina Simone?

Hi Just found her a few months after looking up on google who sang the best Mr Bojangles.  She is classified as Jazz which i don't normally follow. I am a product of 1970's rock.

I have been trying to find more music like hers, I found Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald etc by searching influences and related artists. ....  but their music sounds so dated in comparison.

Nina Simone's music doesn't seem dated at all, well to me anyway.

Research has led me to believe there were probably artists in the 1920s-30's etc that were just as good but the recordings are not good and therefore listening to them is not as satisfying.

BTW i found Nancy Sinatra i like her very much too but her discography of good songs doesn't have the same depth as Nina's.

Fellow music lovers, any suggestions of more like her I might enjoy

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If you want to hear some roots of rock’n’roll, listen to Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Tharp. I believe Mahalia stayed with gospel music, but Sister Rosetta veered into secular music. If you’re into rock and haven’t heard them, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.
fast_mick ...

Nina Simone is great, no doubt. Wonderful piano player as well.

I’ve been a Nancy Wilson fan since the 1950’s. There used to be a DJ in Santa Monica who played a lot of her music. He always referred to her as "The Fancy Miss Nancy." You’ll see see why when you order her music. Be sure to get the stuff she did early on ... from the 50’s through the middle 60’s. Her voice kind of went down hill after that. Same thing with Carmen McCrea. 

For further exploration, try ballads sung by Sarah Vaughn, Billy Holiday, Dinah Washington, Carmen McCrea ... .and then some of the big band singers that made it out of the 30’s and 40’s to become pop favorites. Try these: Jo Stafford, June Christy, Chris Connor, and believe it or not ... Doris Day. If you try Doris Day, get her "Day by Day" album. Its mono, but it has true audiophile sound. It will have you thinking: "who needs stereo."

Good luck ...

Thanks for your help, i will buy some Aretha Franklin lps she is certainly great.

The other problem with Nina Simone reissues is that there are a lot of labels i have never heard of and i am not sure of the sound quality.

Wax Love Italy
Wagram France
Bethlehem US
Vinyl Passion

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Check out the recordings of Mavis Staples and of Marlena Shaw. From the same general time period as Simone, their singing sometimes pushes some of the same buttons for me. Their choice of material sometimes shared Simone’s social consciousness sensibility as well.

For something more current check out the recordings of Rene Marie.