More Sources than Inputs


I am looking at a Joule Electra LA 100 Mk III that unfortunately has only 3 inputs plus a tape input. I have 4 sources plus a tape deck. How do you guys reasonably get around this? I already know that an option is get another preamp that can accommodate that, but I am keen on the Joule.

Monster Cable (and others I'm sure) makes two-input RCA adapters that can allow two of your sources to feed one input. I had this problem at one point and didn't go with this solution (got a preamp with plenty of inputs) because I was concerned I might have the two sources on at the same time (particularly if it was the tuner), and I wasn't sure how the preamp would deal with that much of a signal coming in to one of its inputs. Also, I was concerned about the sonic degradation which theoretically might come with the extra connection, but I'm probably too neurotic there...

One possible solution, of course, if you don't listen to the tape deck that much (or one of the other sources) is to merely disconnect that source except when you want to use it. A pain but if you really like the preamp it might be worth the bother.
I bought a source switcher (Monster Cable Director AV 4.1) for this. I plugged my non-hifi sources into it -- tuner and VCR -- and plugged it into my preamp. Clearly, I wouldn't use it with my purest sources, phono or digital discs. I can't find this product for sale any more, so I would recommend any source switcher. Sony used to make a few models. Ultimately, I upgraded my preamp to another one with more inputs from the same manufacturers.
You can use a Radio Shack Realistic 'Tape Control Center' box feeding into one of the line inputs and this will allow three inputs switchable at the front of the box. The only concern is that this unit is not in the class of your equipment and you will have to listen to see if it meets your requirement and without a degredation of sound. This arrangement has served me well when needed. I currently use one into a Rawland Coherence One preamp in order to switch between a single CD player and a CD changer. If no longer available at Radio Shack, they are easy to find at flea markets at $5.00 or less.
Thank you for the responses. Those suggestions were pretty much along my same line of thought.
I have a couple of the Entech/Monster Cable switchers mentioned by Jameswei above with manuals and orig. boxes for $40 each plus shipping if anyone's interested. Original MSRP was over $300. They're fine for use with secondary sources and can be remote-controlled. Dave
I would advocate for something more practical such as the purist switch box by 47 Labs as well as another model by Luxman. The only drawback of the 47 Labs unit is that it is costly...along the lines of at least $600, but the Luxman is relatively affordable at around $200. I own the 47 Labs switcher and although it is expensive, it is worth every single penny when it comes down to the sound or the pristiness of the source. I would be reluctant to add more sources on the cheap, for the Joule is an excellent linestage.... and any plain old switch box would most definetly be a sonic compromise, of course, for some the choice of switching convenience would need to take into account economics.

The Luxman switcher can be had for $200 and when I was in Japan this July, I can attest to the excellent execution of the present Luxman line....Check Audiocubes for it.