Morrow, Oh

DETAILS: Greetings! Looking for congenial, fellow audiophiles/music listeners in the northern Cincinnati area. I live in Morrow, Ohio (45152, the Little Miami river laps at the back yard) and would like to connect with other audiophiles. My system consists of Eggleston Andra's, Spectral DMA90, PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport and DAC via HDMI, higher-end MIT cables, Kimber Power Kords, Chang Lightspeed and Townshend Audio filtration and vibration isolation platforms respectively. I like to hear other folks systems, as well as have some people over to hear my own. And, it would be great to get some feedback on my speakers as I am considering the fact that my Andra's may be too much for the room, and that I may need to sell them and keep my Proac 2.5's for my main speakers instead. Also, to be blunt, I am specifically trying to avoid preachy, holier than thou audiophiles who dogmatically insist that tubes/vinyl (ie; analogue) is the ONLY way to go. I used to run and roll tubes and simply found the Spectral to be more musically truthful in every way. I just want to have thoughtful discussions/listening without the hyperbole and condescending attitude. Thanks in advance for replies. Looking forward to meeting some thoughtful and intelligent people and just enjoying the music. Happy listening and peace!
Howdy Ultra Fi,
Thanks for the reply. Looks like you are way ahead of me in terms of a dedicated space, room treatments etc. I would love to have you over, or, hear your system if this sounds good. You can call/text me at 513-382-6393 or, alternatively, e-mail at
happy listening,