Moscode Minuet in "A" tubes

Does anyone out there know which tubes are for the line stage and which tubes are for the phono? The "A" uses two 12AX7's and two 6DJ8's, but I can't remember which tube type is for what. I know the basic Minuet (not the Minuet in "A") uses four 12AX7's so I'm assuming the upgraded "A" uses the 6DJ8's in the line section, but you know what they say about assuming . . .

I'm pretty sure that the 12AX7s are the phono stage tubes. It's been awhile since I owned the Minuet though.
The Minuet in A uses the same as the Minuet--at least in mine (i have both of them). That is, 12AX7 in Phono (pair) and 6DJ8 in Line (pair).

BTW these are very forgiving preamps for tube selection; the cheapest Sovtek 6922s work really good in the line for example.

Enjoy you "A"--it's a sweet unit. Sure, others perform better, but for some reason, i find myself listening to more music with the 'A' in the system then i do with other, more expensive and "better" preamps. Cheers.

The 12AX7 is in the phono stage and the 6DJ8 has one half in the phono (at the output) and one half in the line stage. The line stage sounds darn good with just about every 6DJ8 tube that I have tried.
Is there any Moscode Minuet in A preamp owners have schematic or let me know the power supply capacitors value (C20 & C21) beside the transformer, I could send a picture.

800uf 300v photoflash caps. They should be replaced ASAP. Some of the old photoflash caps in the old VTL and Melos preamps sound great and are safe to use because they are NOT used straight off of the rectifier (or near heat producing transformers). Unfortunately, the Minuet uses them crammed in between the transformer and the regulator heat sinks. Worst of all, they are used straight off the rectifiers. They are stacked on each other - creating a "single" 600 volt cap, so they can handle the power supply voltage just fine. But they see more ripple than a photoflash cap should see. They should be replaced. But be warned, this is not a fun preamp to work on. I replaced mine with Panansonic 470uf 400 volt caps. As used in this circuit, the pair creates a "single" 235uf 800v cap, which provides more than enough filtering and is MUCH more reliable. The biggest problem that you will face when replacing these caps is... (1) squeezing the caps in and (2) not damaging the circuit board traces.