most articulate speaker

by design, would the most articulate type of speaker for massed strings and choral music be an electrostatic? I listen more and more to this type of music and am wondering if electrostatics are the way to go.
In my experience yes, electrostatics and the Martin Logan CLS/CLZ's in particular, are the most detailed speakers in the frequency range you are refering to.
Hmmmm, perhaps I'm not understanding the meaning of "articulate" as it applies to speakers, but I would have said horns would be the most articulate, yet they are a polar opposite of the planers or electrostats.
what I mean by articulate in this particular situation, is to be able to hear clearly the individual voices and the words they are singing, and also to hear the strings with more distinctness and texture.
IMHO properly designed cone speakers, and maybe horns, combined with the right amp, can do a much better job than electrostatics or panels, if for no other reason than they do not depend on the room dimensions and set up so much for their reproduction. You can sit in close(r) proximity to them and obtain pin point imaging with a minimum of interference from room boundaries. At least that has been my experience with each of these types.

Actually the Quad 63 was fairly good at the pin-point imaging/clarity thing, but it was also very room/set up dependant, and had other weaknesses not so much a problem for dynamics.
A dynamic driver should be more articulated.A Electrostatic driver is way to polite to get all of the details to be considered highly articulated.There is to much going on for a electrostatic driver to handle it.The dynamic driver would have to be fast,plus have the dynamics to do it right.An electrostatic will get confused trying to do it all.It may be the more enjoyable or pleasant,but not articulated.Plucking the strings may pose a problem for example.