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speakers prior to owning Harbeth 7es 3's
missioncoonery and tom6897, I've had maggies and spendors....I have an audio research dsi-200 and an esoteric xo3-se...I have two powered rel's in a 23 x 13' room...I listen to most types of music...please give me some suggestions.. cap price new ... 
Fed up with people making noise at classical shows
Hey Davt, you could at least spell K E I T H correctly...the last time I went to see a movie in a theater there were two teenage girls talking non stop behind us...I turned around and said loudly, " Girls, this is NOT your living room, this is a p... 
So, what's your audio resolution for 2012?
never say never about anything audio 
Amplifier power needed by 1.7s
I had one REL sub and after six months added did make quite a substantial improvement in depth and ambiance retrieval. I've spent too much money over too many years on trying to make a silk purse out of a sow;s ear (attempting to make... 
Amplifier power needed by 1.7s
I have the Maggie 1.7s with an Audio Research DSI-200 and two REL subs...a good recording will not sound edgy or brittle with this combination...tubes only smoothed out the crap recordings while losing some detail in the excellent ones. 
Marantz SA-8400
I've had mine for a couple of weeks...Yesterday I used it in my main system, in place of my Esoteric X03-SE. No, it doesn't equal the Esoteric, but for its price it is one amazing bargain...get it! 
stripped allen wrench screws
Thank you all for your suggestions!Bob 
Speakers and system for compressed recordings?
Welcome to the club! You definitely need a second system for classic rock etc.. I have an old Marantz 2270 and Cerwin Vega CL-215's for the music of my youth. 
About synergy?
There are so many variables in audio all interacting at the same time (including the interaction of the acoustic space (which can negate synergy of same brand mentality), that its a bit like a multitude of drugs interacting within the body ( subst... 
best rock SACDs taste runs from late sixties to metallica etc...all over the, I'd like the best of both. 
Feedback on Doge 6 CD Player?
just re hooked up my Doge 6 ( re tubed with vintage mullards) really is close to the equal to my mucho expensive Esoteric CDP.....absolutely no mechanical problems with it. 
REL subs hook up
Thanks guys, much appreciated!!Bob 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
thank you swampwalker!!!!!! 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
o jeezuz, now we have holy rollers in hi fi 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Skunk Baxter "My Old School" with Steely Dan