Most Shocking Upgrade to your System (LIFEPO4 Battery on Network Streamer)

Once your components, cables, speakers, and room are at a certain level huge upgrades in sonic performance are very rare, but this one was so profound I had to share with the community: putting my streamer on a LIFEPO4 battery was utterly stunning. After much research I’ve found the flagship 22k Aurender W20SE also uses LIFEPO4 batteries. If you want a shocking, simple, and inexpensive upgrade try implementing a LIFEPO4 battery on your streamer, there’s nothing else like it, I can no longer hear any audible quality difference between streaming on Qobuz and playing CDs. This one upgrade puts streaming ahead of everything, try it and you’ll see why.

See profile for setup.


Ok, I have some questions. I have a Sonore Optical Rendu streamer and on the Linear Power Supply led display it says it runs on 7 volts. So my question is do I need to find a battery that is 7 volts or will a 12-volt battery work? Also what happens when the battery becomes low or dies?  Will this not harm the Optical Rendu?


I use a converter 12v to 5 volt works amazing for my chord 2go/2yu. I keep 2 15ah lifepo4 batteries so they alternate so one is always charged, only $60 for battery and 10 bucks for the dc converter, but the sound is priceless.


How big are your batteries and how many hours of streaming do you get per charge?

Have you ever tried charging a battery while it's powering the streamer instead of switching them?  



I have 2 18ah for my optical optimizer transceiver and receiver, and a 10, and 15 ah for the streamer. (See my system by clicking on my profile.) I use the LIFEPO4 battery calculator, it will help you determine the goals you’re looking for size and time:

I wouldn’t want my 4 amp charger going into my delicate electronics, so I always charge detached. Oh I have 3 LIFEPO4 4 amp chargers for each of my 3 battery demanding parts of my HiFi rig. I cannot emphasize enough trying your streamer on a Lifepo4 battery, it’s truly remarkable. After hearing the clarity and transparency you can’t go back to AC. I really enjoy the ritual of new batteries for each listening session as well, feels like an offering to the Music God. :)


Link to my preferred chargers