mounting stands on SW -12's


I've decided to put my Sound anchor stands on my SW-12's (Aerial Acoustics) today and naturally there were no instructions in the box. The only question I have is do I leave the spikes on the speakers?

The answer maybe obvious once I flip them over, unfortunatly I'm home alone right now and can't budge them :^(

thanks in advance
Glen -
Your SW-12 should have plastic feet on the bottom. First, you remove those, leaving just the female threaded slots.
The stand should come with 4 bolts that will go into these female threads, and hold the stand to the sub. The stand should have also come with spikes for the stand, much larger than those with the sub itself. These, like most spikes, are optional for the stand.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Dan, I've been running them on the spikes for a while now. I just got the stands installed (it's a no brainer) and had to try some David Gray (White Ladder) and Chris Isaak (Baja Sessions) Yep, They work great on a raised floor! It's a very nice improvment, tight clean bass. Can't wait to try Kill Bill tomorrow night!
The Aerials are wonderful subs, indeed. I had a pair and just went with a pair of DD-18s to see how they compare.
At this point, without the DD's calibrated (like the SW-12s were) the DD-18 are not in the same league. BUT, as I said, I need pay 'special' attention to the DDs like I did with the SW-12s before making a fair comparison.

One thing is for sure, the Aerial is substantially heavier!!!!