turntable wall mounting

Hi All,
 How any of you have a DIY wall mounting bracket for your Rega P8 or P10? If so, how did it work for you and can you please post pics.

One more question please, how would the Pro-Ject's Wall Mount it 5 work compared to the Rega Wal Mount.



I once had a Linn LP12 on a wall-mounted support and it was excellent. However it was fixed to a concrete wall. In relatively flimsy wooden construction, the table may pick up acoustic vibration. Ascertain the solidity of the wall before committing. 

I use a Rega wall mount bracket for my P10 but I don`t like the idea of mounting it to a wall at least my wall.

The walls in my place are drywall over metal studs and I`m not a fan of the metal studs at all for various reasons.

To me, my walls would transmit vibrations into the Rega wall mounted rack more than if I mounted the Rega rack to my component rack that sits on a tiled concrete slab floor. So that`s what I did.

I mounted the Rega rack to the back of my component rack using  thin sorbothane pucks in between the Rega wall mount and my stand for better isolation.

Works great....so there`s an option for you if you need one,



Hi All,

Thanks for replying to my post. A lot of good info here on mounting Rega turntables on a wall, hope I can use some of it. At this point I am leaning toward the Pro-ject, but maybe a DIY shelf.

Thanks again.


@nic919 As you are now looking like you are to attempt to Install a Wall Shelf as a Mounting Platform, it is worthwhile considering the Shelf is best thought of as mount for a Isolation Footer > Sub Plinth > Isolation Footer > TT.

If the Wall Mounted Shelve can be exchanged for a improved material, it can be thought of the Structure as having Two x Sub Plinths under the TT.

I recommend Densified Wood today as a Plinth or Sub Plinth Material.

I have trialed and encountered through others, many materials used as a Plinth and Sub Plinth. In my home set up and as a result of loaning the Densified Wood I have, it is discovered to be a better material than a highly compressed foam I have used for many years as a Material that was a betterment to many others.

The Densified Wood is reasonably easy to source.

A wall Mounted Shelf, if mounted in a way that is totally trusted for its secure attachment, can serve a dual purpose and one that is not too commonly seen.

As your TT Set Up is relatively light weight, the shelve structure can also be used as an Anchor Point to suspend a Platform/Sub Plinth from and used to mount the TT on the Suspended Platform/Platforms.

 As you have spoke about a DIY Shelve, I would suggest a seriously consideration  of this alternative idea of using Suspension and try it out.

There is a lot to be gained from the use of a Suspended Platform. The method is able to offer a improved method of isolation beyond the coupling to a Solid Shelve as a method of Isolation, there are other alternatives where thousands of $$$$'s can be spent to get a betterment.   

I like the idea of the blind pins.They look like they would make a very clean
nice looking install. But i'm not sure they would support a 1-1/2" to 2" thick
board, 15"x18" with maybe 25lbs on it.

Mounting the turntable with a bracket like the Rega or Pro-Ject would be the
best way to go for me, less work. The Po-Ject was my first choice based on looks,
but i'm sure the Rega would do the better job on Rega tables. Everyone has good
ideas, but I think the Rega Wall Bracket would be easy to mount, just two or three
screws and you are done. At my age,I really like easy. The DIY may be a little much
for me.

Thanks for all your ideas.