Moving a Basis 2001

I own a Basis 2001 turntable - the kind with oil-filled damped "legs". I am moving soon, and I'm wondering what the best way to have this relocated. The one time I've moved with it before I put it in the car myself - but this time I'll be moving 2400 miles, likely by a moving company.
I suggest you contact A.J. Conti of Basis. When you call the contact number from the website, he is usually the person who answers the phone unless he's traveling. He is easy to speak with and will answer your question better than most can.

Hope this Helps,
Similar experience for me with a Basis 2500 Signature when I made a cross country move last summer. For a modest fee, my authorized dealer dissambled, cleaned, and repacked my rig just as if it had come from Basis. I contacted Basis and AJ referred me to a local authorized dealer in my new location who was more than willing to come to my house and reassemble and dial in my TT (again for a reasonable fee..). In this case, the dealer relationship paid off... Good luck!
Oh, crap. This is not rocket science. I don't mean to insult you or make fun of your concern. All you need do is unscrew the pods, mark them on the bottom for orientation, wrap in some bubble wrap, and make the move. Of course I offer this advice for a reasonable fee. Just send it to the charity of your choice.
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