moving your LP collection

I'm planning to move soon. That means my collection has to move, too.

I wanted to get advice from other analog lovers on the best way to pack and move your vinyl collection.

Any advice appreciated!
i just moved from san diego to portland with 18 boxes of records, and two systems, i decided to move them myself while the moving company did the rest of the stuff. pack tightly in new or newer boxes, and do it yourself as movers may want to cram them all in there with no care. check the gross weight of the truck you'll be driving as the boxes add up quick. i think i may have gone over my trucks limit as i was pulling uphill at 40mph, oops. i think it's a little more expensive to rent a truck solely for records and stereo stuff, but ultimately better as no one will handle it as gently as yourself. oh and if you distribute weight evenly over a floor full of records your ride will be alot nicer, this is what i did, and nothing was damaged on my two day trip. hope this helps a little,
Hi, I moved from Seattle to San Antonio this year, with 160 boxes of LP's each box weight 60LB's. I bought boxes from my local starage shop,they sell boxes that are 13"x13"x16" outside dimensions. These boxes will hold 75 LP's and when you seal the box, they are very sturdy so you can stack boxes on top of each other. We had 6 box high stack. All the boxes and LP arrived safely. These boxes sell for around $2 each.
U-Haul's "small" box is perfect for moving lp's. And I second the above comments about not (if possible) stacking anything heavy on top of your boxed lps and keeping them vertical. Cleary mark your boxed lp's as such and remind your friends to take extra care when loading and unloading.
Make sure they are dry when you pack them and that they can "breath" if put in storage.
The term "moldy oldie" came from somewhere...
When boxing them, alternate every 10 Lp's or so in order that the spines are not all facing the same way. You'll get more in each box and they will fit with less "dead space". Oh yeah, and mark them by whatever method you divide your LP's.
A friend who's a mover said that the "small" U-Haul boxes were actually designed for 12" lp's

Recently I moved my collection, and I was surprised how easy it went along. My collection counts approximately 7000 records and was not looking forward to the task. However, I used plain plastic cases which took about 75 records, and believe it or not, suddenly my collection was at my new place! Good luck.

Well I sold my collection 6 years ago cheap.1200 Lps for $1600.Didnt have to do a thing they came in boxes and moved.I have been buying back now have 600 which I paid about 1200 but have let go of alot of stuff I didn't want and rebought what I did want .Liked the shopping around did give up alot of great Lps in Great Condition...I feel fine about it.Oh also got a IKEA used rack for 50 and saved 100 on that.