MQA•Foolish New Algorithm? Vote!

Vote please. Simply yes or no. Let’s get a handle on our collective thinking.
The discussions are getting nauseating. Intelligent(?) People are claiming that they can remove part of the music (digits), encode the result for transport over the net, then decode (reassemble) the digits remaining after transportation (reduced bits-only the unnecessary ones removed) to provide “Better” sound than the original recording.
If you feel this is truly about “better sound” - vote Yes.
If you feel this is just another effort by those involved to make money by helping the music industry milk it’s collection of music - vote no.
Lets know what we ‘goners’ think.
P.S. imho The “bandwidth” problem this is supposed to ‘help’ with will soon be nonexistent. Then this “process” will be a ‘solution’ to a non existing problem. I think it is truly a tempest in a teacup which a desperate industry would like to milk for all its worth, and forget once they can find a new way to dress the Emporer. Just my .02

The question for all and each of us is this free sound improvement worth the price and a good trade off.

Bumping my post from another thread :-

1. MQA is a boon for streaming, at least for now until streaming of native hires becomes more accessible (Qobuz which streams native hires is currently not available in US and many other countries)
2. If you have a Tidal subscription and listen mostly to Tidal, Tidal MQA generally sounds better than non-MQA Tidal - better to get an MQA dac to fully enjoy Tidal MQA
3. If you don’t subscribe to Tidal, and listen mostly to your own collection of non-MQA redbook or native hires pcm/dsd files, MQA may not be an important consideration

Comparing MQA with non-MQA hires pcm/dsd files gains importance when considering a new dac - should it be MQA-capable or not?
This decision will rest on points 2. and 3.

Enjoy the Music! :)

Right now I am not paying anything extra for MQA. It comes with Tidal which I would subscribe to whether it carried MQA titles or not.
My Bluesound vault2 decodes MQA but that was not what I originally purchased it for so just another bonus.
So imho I am getting MQA for nothing so why the heck would I not listen to it.
Just a huge bonus that it happens to sound better to me in my system.

Is your assessment based on real time comparison between MQA files and FLAC/DSD recordings in your system or hearsay?