MSB Director: Two thumbs up!

I haven’t seen much about the MSB Director on here, so thought I would post a brief report.  I upgraded from the Discrete to the Premiere, then added the Director.  I have a streaming only system and my approach to system building has been to focus on getting the best front end possible.  So far it’s worked quite well, as each upgrade has resulted in noticeably better performance from my speakers.

Moving to the Premier was a full step up ( however you want to define that, as opposed to an incremental improvement) in all areas:  clarity, air, soundstage depth, scale of instruments compared to vocals, dynamics.  Dense passages are rendered as individual instruments and vocals, and not as a Wall of Sound that pushes vocals down in the mix or collapses the sound stage.  My dealer said the Director would be another full step up again and he was right.  I don’t understand it technically, but the improvements are immediately noticeable:  just more of what the jump to the Premiere did.  Not cheap, of course, but worth it in my view.  This is an excellent product.