MSB Tech: Analog DAC vs. DAC IV


Did anybody compare MSB Technology Analog DAC (with Analog Power Base and Volume Control) and Platimun DAC IV plus (with Galaxy Clock and Volume Control)? What was the difference between them?
MSB states that Analog DAC outperforms basic Platinum DAC IV as "the ladder DAC modules used in The Analog DAC are specifically made for this model, and are closer to the modules used in the Signature Platinum DAC IV plus". But with Galaxy Clock (this upgrade costs $5000) DAC IV outperforms Analog DAC.
Is it true? I heard Analog DAC and loved it. That is why I am wondering about DAC IV.
Not exactly the same but I did compare the Analog Dac with power base, volume control and the UMT+ transport. My computer files go through the UMT+ first and then are locked to bit perfect slave to the Analog Dac clock. Much improved over USB direct into the Analog Dac. Though adding the UMT+ transport is expensive, total cost was a bit north of $18K I really beat the pants off the demo Platinum Dac IV with the older transport that did not offer this I2S interface, and was cheaper. Now, the UMT+ with the Platinum Dac would probably be even better but would not be in balance with my system or finances.
Thank you for your answer, Davt.

By the way, now there is no need in using MSB DAC with any other source device like Aurender.

You will only need: MSB Analog DAC with new Renderer input, NAS, WiFi-router (?) and iPhone (iPad)!
This input costs just additonal $1000, which is much cheaper than any audiophile digital source and not more expensive than "upgraded" MacMini!
So now Analog DAC can work like stream palyers. It represents source, DAC and preamp in one case.
You can find all the details here: