Multichannel Class D amplifier for multi-room sound

Hello All.  Anyone have recommendations for a Class D amplifier that will driver 6 pairs of speakers (12 or more channels)?  Want something that stays relatively cool.  The Russound D1650 actually gets kind of hot!  Thanks, Peter
How many watts do you need?   Are they the same wattage for all channels?  

It might be a lot easier to simply buy two 6 channel amps, they are more common and you can probably get more watts for your dollar, too.
Thanks spatialking.  Good suggestion.  The Russound puts around 50wpc into 8 ohms and 80wpc into 4 ohms (one zone driven) and that seems to be plenty.  It costs $1000 to cover 8 pairs of speakers.  We need to cover 6 pairs.  Suggestions?
Parasound has a number of products designed for this, under the "zonemaster" line.
I bet that would be a good option.  Parasound is $1200 for 6 pairs of speakers. Anything better bang for the buck out there?