Mundorf silver and oil or VH OIMP for crossover?

Just wondering which would be better for a speaker crossover. I'm upgrading the cap in my Paradigm Signature monitors. I'd opt for the VH teflon caps but they don't come in that high of a value.
i used the mundorf silver in oil exclusively in my crossovers. they are an extremely smooth and detailed cap. make sure that you have room, they are large caps. i also found that installing a bypass cap of a small value across the main caps, especially for highs and mids, really made a big improvement. actually, you can try that first, before replacing the main caps. check out this for info
Hello Gnugear,
I have done countless speaker upgrades and one option you can consider is using the VH Audio OIMP for the main value and then bypassing with a smaller value Teflon capacitors.
Wow, I just looked at the measurements and those Mundorf's are huge. I'll have to check to make sure they fit into my enclosure. In the event that they don't, are VH OIMP caps comparible or are there others to look at of the same quality?