Mundorf silver in oil cap burn in?

I was wondering if users of Mundorf silver in oil caps can enlighten me please. I have just changed the coupling caps in my 2A3 amp to the mundorf caps and must say that the sound is initially a bit harsh. Is this to be expected in new caps and what's the experience in terms of the length of time for adequate "burn in"
Any comments from users of these caps is greatly appreciated
We use these in the Manger 109-AG Silver edition loudspeaker - amazing performance!

That said, they do require a LONG break-in of at least 300 hrs. Ultimately, they are transparent, detailed and smooth without any grain.

Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
Hi Ecka,
I had some Mundorf silver in oil caps installed in my Sonic Frontiers SFC-1 Integrated and was cautioned(?) about the initial harsh sound prior to burn in. It took at least a month, I do not listen very often, but were smooth as silk after that. It's been about a year now and I cannot tell you how great they sound now that they have settled in.
I hope this helps.
A faster/less painful way to burn them in: Use either a tuner, or CD player on repeat(something with heavy bass drive on either). Turn on only the source and pre-amp and let them run whenever you're not listening to the system. Your ears will love you for it!
I used these in my speakers. The sound took some time to open up. 2 or 3 hundred should do it.

Ecka- I don't know why I was thinking you had installed them in a pre-amp(mis-read apparently). The whole system would have to be in operation in the case of an amp mod(as you probably already know). Burn-in could be done with the speakers facing one another, and one wired out of phase to cancel part of the output(if you don't mind the time on your tubes).
As the others have stated, at least 300 hours of burn in is required before they start to sound right and let me tell you, do they sound right!
They are far better caps in speakers than in electronics from my experience, not to say they don't perform better than many others in electronics, but with speakers they are like peanut butter and jelly.. Electronics they are a little brighter sounding in all the applications I have tried in the past, they will settle down. Plus normally depending on the value you need they are just impossible to put in many electronics due to size.