Munich High End Show Report 2023 !

Clarisys Audio is going to be the Munich High End Show in Room E107 with Soulution ! 😎



Was Goebel there with their speakers? How did they compare to the others you have listed?

I wish the guy in the Perlisten video would keep is greasy fingers off the speakers.


WOW.. REAL SHOCKER the "PROAC K-1's" was the best Monitor speakers at Munich 2023 beating out the Highly Highly Raved TAD Monitors that all the Audio Reviewers say are the Holy Grail of all Monitors ! 🤔😲😲😲....

Thomas Grimm said these $8K KMD 500RT Speakers from South Korea are some of the best speakers he’s heard at the Munich Show..for the last 5 years ! 😲🤔Look in the comments below...

You can order these speakers from any Dealer here in the USA too !

 KMD should be back at Axpona 2024 show again