Munich High End Show Report 2023 !

Clarisys Audio is going to be the Munich High End Show in Room E107 with Soulution ! 😎


Here we go ! The all new Tannoy Stirling III LZ Special Edition Speakers are at Munich 2023 ! 😎😲🤔 Some of the World’s Very Best Sounding Speakers use Alnico Magnets ! More about these on my Axpona 2023 Show Report thread

Only $69K Zellaton Plural EVO Speakers one of the very best sounding speakers on the Planet 😎😲😈🤔These could win Best-Of-Show here at Munich 2023

If I ever hit the Lottery I will get some Zellaton Statement Speakers matched with top of the line Goldmund Gear and top of the line Schnerzinger Cables and never look back...🤔😇Zellaton Speakers vs The World

Clarity and Soundstage much better than Clarisys Audio Minuets ! 😲Marten Loudspeakers ! Live Music...

More about these all new $108K Marten Mingus Septet Loudspeakers "REAL SOUNDING"


It is like all the years ago …. Hm, no wait, ONE big difference we have now … no matter what you did like (or not) … add 50% to former prices with their next Generation


and the catering became MUCH better quality

Of all of the youtube videos the speaker that sounded the best too me were the I O speakers.

The All New THORENS Soundwall HP 600 Speakers at 7:16 in this video below just might be one of the Best-Of-Show at MUNICH 2023 🤔🤩😈

More about these speakers here ! 😲




IO Designs Air free Speakers

Any idea as to how much they cost in US dollars and where to purchase?


@ozzy on their web site the dealer here in the USA is Locrian Audio

 I don't know how much they cost here in the USA though


These IO Design Naked RS Loudspeakers are $120K a pair and they will cost a little more here in the USA though


How much? Huh? Way out of my league. I thought that without a cabinet it would be cheaper, much cheaper that is.


The all new Audiovector QR Series just might be the biggest bargain on the market now🤔😲The Audiovector QR7’s might be the best-kept SECRET...matched with the upcoming Gryphon Diablo 333


Was Goebel there with their speakers? How did they compare to the others you have listed?

I wish the guy in the Perlisten video would keep is greasy fingers off the speakers.


WOW.. REAL SHOCKER the "PROAC K-1's" was the best Monitor speakers at Munich 2023 beating out the Highly Highly Raved TAD Monitors that all the Audio Reviewers say are the Holy Grail of all Monitors ! 🤔😲😲😲....

Thomas Grimm said these $8K KMD 500RT Speakers from South Korea are some of the best speakers he’s heard at the Munich Show..for the last 5 years ! 😲🤔Look in the comments below...

You can order these speakers from any Dealer here in the USA too !

 KMD should be back at Axpona 2024 show again


WOW.. REAL SHOCKER the "PROAC K-1's" was the best Monitor speakers at Munich 2023 beating out the Highly Highly Raved TAD Monitors that all the Audio Reviewers say are the Holy Grail of all Monitors ! 

While I can agree ProAc speakers sounded nice, I was  astounded by the Devore's o baby. Those speakers present the music in a beautiful manner, they were so engaging, inviting ... really big applause to John Devore


New Dali Epicore 11 at $40K but will cost more here in the USA.. Very 3D Sounding !😲

I like these better than the bigger $120K Dali Kore Flagship speakers ! Real Shocker

More info on these speakers here

Almost all of the YouTube reviewers show the same rooms and equipment. I feel that they are passing up some hidden nuggets in between these cost no object rooms. I would like to see more variety, something that the average person would consider buying.

@rick2000 and you know this how? The speaker will not even be out until August of this year!

I was going to say... Dali, seriously??  Hahahaha.

OK, being less of an inane A'gon jerk, Dali has models with a greatly lifted treble response.  Great at low level listening, and in a 10 minute listening session and ear grating after.

Purchasing any modern Dali should be done with some care and consideration. If it sounds like you are hearing things no other speaker can do... it's definitely not because it's a neutral performer.

Funny that no one is mentioning the Linkwitz LX521.4MG, which were shown in their own room at the Munich HiFi De Luxe venue: This a pure analog system rather that just speakers, incorporating two active crossovers for frequency separation into 4 separate segments, optimized for the respective response curves of each of the 4 speaker cones, plus a 5-channel amplifier per side (2 channels drive both subs separately), i.e. 10 (!) amplifiers total. Most importantly, the price of the entire system is still a fraction of the IO Design open-baffle speakers (23,000 Euro for a fully-assembled speaker pair, but much less for a flat-pack kit a la IKEA), which, acc to Rick2000 (above) cost quite a bundle: "These IO Design Naked RS Loudspeakers are $120K a pair and they will cost a little more here in the USA though..."

I own this system for many years now and am always deeply happy once - after a long day - I listen to some of my favorite tunes. The spacial presentation and accuracy are really special. And NO: I am in no way affiliated with LinkwitzAudio (albeit, the late Siegfried was a friend). But: I have agreed to open my house to interested parties who want to hear the system before taking the plunge:

And again: NO I am not making any money from this!

Audiogon members: welcome to Silicon Valley!

For clarification: I built the speakers myself, which gave me the opportunity to create my own color scheme: "Lexus- Pearlwhite", painted by my local MAACO store.


If you was to order the $120K Dali Kore Flagship speakers today they would put you on a long waiting list..big demand for these Dali Kore speakers at $120K a pair here in the USA ! It's been over a year and they still haven't filled all the orders yet for the Dali KORE speakers ! They say you get most of the performance of the Dali Kore speakers at half the cost with their new $60K Dali EpiKore 11 speakers. You might be waiting for a long long time to get your new Dali EpiKore 11 speakers...🤔🤨

You'd think after all of these posts it would be apparent that there is no one "best" in any product category. It comes down to a subjective choice and we all have different preferences. There are endless product claims declaring theirs as the best but that doesn't make them true.

@bill_k yup absolutely correct the only best is determined by your own set of ears👂