Museatex Bitstream DAC

For those who've heard or owned this DAC, how good is it? And does it have the same "flavor" as delta sigma DACs? That "flavor" I would describe as an excess of energy in the mids and upper mids, almost like subliminal noise or nervousness
I can’t speak to the sound of the Bitstream compared to other DACs, but will mention it was designed and manufactured by Ed Meitner. You know it has to sound good. John Wright offers mods to this and other Museatex and Meilor products.  I should mention I have only heard the modded version.
A well implements sigma delta DAC does not have these characteristics.  But there are a lot of cheap DACs out there selling by advertising the well known chip inside.  Expensive ones too that are not worth the $$.

There are some really fine DACs based on sigma delta chips.